Cooling Weighted Blanket Cover


Our calming covers for hot sleepers: all cooling, with the added benefits of 100% Bamboo thread.

  • Sweat-resistant: absorbing 70% more moisture
  • Wonderful cozy feel: getting softer with every wash
  • Temperature regulating: repelling heat away from your body
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-fungal: Ideal for those with sensitive skin

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very Satisfied

Arrived the next day, nicely packaged and smelling nice. The ribbons on the cover keep the weighted blanket from moving out of place- wish my other duvets have the same. Blanket is for my son and he says he moves around less at night using this. It feels warmer than his regular comforter though.

The cover feels so smooth and nice

The cover feels so smooth and nice, and it's thick enough that the weighted blanket inside doesn't show much despite the cover being white. I found it hard to find someone selling just the cover (The cover that came with my blanket was just too hot for PH weather), so I'm really happy I found your Instagram page.

Thank you also for being so accommodating and quickly replacing my order to the correct size, it's actually my birthday this weekend so I'll be sleeping nice with this new cover!

Would definitely order more if you get other cover colors!

Out of this world soft

I would have never expected to feel something so soft like the blanket protector. It definitely adds another level of the therapeutic effect of the weighted blanket