Trial for weighted blankets

Our goals is to help you get the best sleep possible, and understand it can take a few nights to get the full feel and difference our products can make.

If you think it's not for you within the -night trial period, you can return your order and we'll give you a full refund.

How do weighted blanket
returns work?

> Your trial begins when your items are delivered. Email us at to initiate your return within your trial.

> We’ll set up our courier to pick up the product on your schedule. (Please make sure it's clean and free from damage). We will not shoulder return shipping fees

> Our team will try their best to donate your product to charity. Your payment will be refunded in full.

Other Return Policies

Suenyo products sold at a discount price

All items marked as Final Sale or sold at a discount may not be returned or exchanged.

Suenyo Gift Cards

All gift card denominations cannot be exchanged for cash and are non refundable

Repeat returns

If at least one of a particular product type is returned from an initial order, that customer or shipping address will not be eligible for additional Trial Periods on subsequent orders of that particular product (e.g. if you return a Suenyo pillow, you will not be eligible for the applicable Trial Period on future Suenyo Pillow orders). With limited exceptions: you are responsible for covering cost of shipping return.

Trial Period Exceptions

Any Product that is marked as "Sale", "Discount”, "Final Sale", "Clearance", or purchased as part of a "Bundle", product offering (each such offering, a "Bundle"), may not be returned or exchanged, except in the event of a defect. A window of 24 hours is given to report damages. Failure to do so will forfeit return or exhange eligibility.

1 week trial for other sleep products

Get a feel for these products in your bedroom for up to 7 days with easy returns.

Return shipping fees will not be covered by the trial.


Applies to all Suenyo Pillows

Weighted Blanket Cover

Includes bamboo/ cooling covers

Eye Masks

Get a feel for the Eye Mask for up to

1 week with free, easy returns. 

Need to make a return?

We’re sad to hear that, but we’re always here to help.