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Erickson Chua

Grey Weighted Blanket

Serie Jimenez

Delivered on time! And fresh! No factory smell

A good try

Bought a 20lbs blanket, it was shipped immediately (in less than an hour after ordering!) even though I ordered it really late at night. I had it for a week, the product itself was nice, no rustling noise and it's not hot for me, unfortunately, the blanket is just too much for my back(already have back problems in the first place), I probably should've ordered a lighter one hehe. I had to return the blanket for that reason and I was refunded immediately after they checked that the blanket was in good condition. Super great after-sales service. overall it's still worth your investment, just make sure to get the right weight hehe. Thank you Suenyo! <3

Best thing ever!

So happy I bought my first ever weighted blanket from Suenyo during their sale. Surprisingly, I don’t feel warmer with the blanket (sometimes even with my duvet on top pa)! I used to be able to sleep within seconds, but due to the pandemic + current load for work, I’ve been too anxious to fall asleep, stay asleep, and rest well. Bought this to hopefully help me get the rest I need. A few nights in and I’m feeling well rested when I wake up. I like the weight of the blanket. Like it’s telling me to stop what I’m doing and relax!!! Currently still waking up in the middle of my sleep since I tend to move around and it takes extra effort to do so with the weight. I still find it easy to go back to sleep. Thanks Suenyo! Looking forward to more restful nights.

Works as advertised

As the type of person who has a lot of trouble sleeping, I was very skeptical with weighted blankets. Also living in the Philippines, I thought this would be something impractical because of the warm weather. However, upon seeing Suenyo in ads, I really wanted to try its effectivity. I had a lot of questions about the product and they were all answered very nicely by the Suenyo team. I finally decided to purchase one, and after a few weeks, I am now very happy with my purchase! First of all, the package arrived sooo nicely and even came with a personal note from the team which I appreciated. They also helped me out with my delivery since I ordered via Lazada. After trying it out for a few days, I noticed that I sleep a bit faster than usual, although I still have those problems once in a while. But what did get better is how I manage to sleep through the night. I can now sleep 6 to 8 hours straight compared to before. Suprisingly, it also doesn't add warmth, and instead it just feels like a giant hug. Very happy with the product and with the Suenyo team as well. :) Will definitely recommend this to friends :)

Every order plants a tree

We plant one tree together with One Tree Planted for every product sold. This will help restore Philippines' natural rain forests, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health and wellbeing, and create jobs for social impact.