A weighted blanket is a blanket filled with heavy pellets that is used to aid sleep and reduce anxiety. It helps you relax by stimulating the feeling of being hugged reducing cortisol levels (stress hormones) 


Studies have shown that a weighted blanket helps people with autism, anxiety, depression, Tourettes, ADHD, or PTSD. It's now a type of at-home treatment showing positive results for people who have insomnia or trouble sleeping.


We don’t want to give false promises. However, many people have been using weighted blankets and have seen positive results!


If falling asleep is something you find trouble at night, a weighted blanket might be for you! Not sure if you'll like it? We have a 30 night risk-free trial. If it doesn't work out, we'll process the return and give your money back. 


We recommended choosing a weighted blanket that’s 10% of your body weight. If you're physically active, and you lift weights, we suggest moving up to the higher blanket weight option.


Yes! We have a 30 night risk-free trial. Don't love it or it doesn't work out? Return and refund is simple. No hard feelings!