~Weighted Blanket Benefits~

Happy feeling

Like being swaddled, weighted blankets calm the nervous system, relaxing the mind, lowering stress and relieving anxiety

A good night

Scientific studies show that sleeping with a weighted blanket releases serotonin, the chemical for a steady and deep sleep

Ready for tomorrow

With equal and gentle pressure applied, the body enhances sleep quality and helps you feel rested and ready for tomorrow

Made with you, and
our planet in mind

Soft and breathable made from 100% cotton.

Our weighted blankets are Standard 100 Oeko-Tex Certified which means the fabrics we use are free from harmful chemicals. 

It also extends to production, making sure that the environment is not harmed with dangerous substances.

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Superior Quality

Our products go through multiple quality control checks before reaching your door. ISO & Oeko-Tex Certified

30 Nights Risk-Free Trial

Enjoy up to 30 nights to try it in your own home. If they don’t work, we'll process the return & refund

Free Nationwide Shipping

We'll deliver the same day! Outside Metro Manila? Expect your order to arrive in less than a week

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