We stand by our mission

Hi there, 

One of the reasons why we started Suenyo is because we wanted to help people improve sleep by sharing the tools that have helped us along the way. We listened to our family, friends, and even customers talk about their feelings during the lockdown. Sadly, the majority are exhausted, tired, and left sleepless. 

So we’ve decided to do something we haven’t done before. We’re giving 30% off on all our products to get you the rest you need. 

Self-care and mental health are the two most important things to invest in right now. Weighted blankets are proven to reduce anxiety and improve your sleep quality. 

Our self-care discount ends on the 5th of September. That’s enough time to get your own blanket and share the sale with anyone you think could benefit from a good night’s rest. 


We hope this helps. 


Serene - Suenyo Founder